Tracts (Christian) in Slovak

The Bratislava Publishing Mission
Bratislavska Tlacova Misia

Brno Printing Mission
Brnenska Tiskova Misie (BTM)
P.O. Box 64
638 00 BRNO
Czech Republic
Tracts in Czech

Chick Publications
Right now, they are printing 10 illustrated evangelistic booklets in Slovak.

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Fellowship Tract League
This ministry sends out over 100 million tracts around the world each year. This is an organization with a great missionary vision. Every $8 love offering prints 1000 gospel tracts (without shipping costs).

Free Cartoon Gospel Tract
This is a cartoon tract that is very good. It is an evangelistic tract.
I dont' think you can order this on paper. There is no copyright so you have permission to print or copy this tract.

Jezis pre kazdeho (JPK) /
Jesus for everyone/
Every Home for Christ -Slovakia
P.O.Box 49
934 05 Levice
Association Jezis pre kazdého (Jesus for everybody) is result of effort for Christian advancement with word and deed. Jesus - we are convinced that true value of Christianity so as they presented person Jesus Christ in the Bible. They aren't only (part of "culture folklore", but they can importantly raise quality of life of man and whole society. We want to serve to individuals and society to inside revival on the principle Christ' love. for everybody - we try to create opportunities for gaining information from sphere of Christianity for every interested person. Our literature's offer contains trustworthy information about person Jesus Christ, his teaching and life. Everybody can use our services free and without any engagements from his side.

Lifegate, Inc.
"Gods Simple Plan of Salvation" tract one of the best tracts ever written.

Misijna spolocnost evanjelia Jezisa Krista
Pupavova 43
841 04 Bratislava

No Frontiers

Operation Somebody Cares
Operation Somebody Cares has a tract in Slovak similar to the Chick tract- called "This Was Your Life". It is called- "What is your Life?" The suggested offering is two cents each per tract with an offering for shipping.

SGM Lifewords
Who Am I? (Slovak)
Big questions, little book - Who am I? provides starting points for those asking the big questions about themselves and the world around them. Edgy but accessible design for a young adult audience
This ministry has tracts you may download for free.

World Missionary Press
World Missionary Press. "Help from Above" (pocket-size 48-page selection of Scriptures by topic), "The Way to God" (children's Gospel tract with large size type), "How to Know God", inexpensive booklets used throughout the world in many languages - uses a lot of verses

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