Slovak and Czech Christian DVDs

A Question of Origins
This dvd is in Slovak.

God of Wonders
This dvd is subtitled in Slovak.

Jan Amos Comenius
This is a digital download in English.

Jesus Film in Czech and Slovak
The Jesus film is a two-hour film about the life of Jesus. The film has been translated into many languages including Czech and Slovak. For more information on the Jesus film, please visit their website. You can also find the Story of Jesus for Children and the Magdalena film at this store site.

John Hus: A Journey of No Return
This dvd is in English.

John Hus - Set of Three DVDs
This dvd is in English.

This dvd is in English and Czech.

Let the Lion Roar
The audio is in English and the subtitles are in Czech.

Magdalena: Released from Shame in Slovak

Most (The Bridge)
This dvd is in Czech. It is a secular video with an obvious Christian theme.

Porta Libri
This online bookstore in Bratislava might sell dvds.

This online bookstore in Banska Bystrica sells dvds.

The Butterfly Circus
The dvd is in Czech.

The Hope in Czech and Slovak
If you find the pull down menu on the website of all the languages of the Hope dvd, you will see Czech and Slovak. You may watch it online in 13 languages here.

The Story of Jesus for Children in Czech and Slovak

Truth Prevails: The Undying Faith of Jan Hus
This DVD is in English.

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