Christian Books in Slovak

Banubaibrind S, P, Zabod

Banubaibrind S, P, Zabod
01 Spuroea 4
Slovakia, Europe

David C. Cook Foundation

David C. Cook Foundation
Cook Square
850 N. Grove Ave.
Elgin, Illinois 60120 USA

New Hope International

New Hope International
Box 110
Colorado Springs, CO
80901-0110 USA
719-577-4450 or 800-227-2979

New Hope Interational

New Hope Interational
P.O. Box 18
2-A2502 Baden
contact: Hank Paulson
Tel 02252/43962
Fax. No-02252/43963

New Hope Interational is sponsoring the publishing of one or some of James Dobson's books probably in Brno, including The Strong Willed Child. Please contact Hank Paulson at the New Hope Interational for more information.

Eastern European Seminary

My Heart-Christ's Home and Tyranny of the Urgent are two InterVarsity Press booklets translated into either Czech or Slovak. These two booklets were translated to be incorporated in a book entitled Edice 2:7,which has been published by the Eastern European Seminary. This book is only available for their students.

Freedom in Christ Ministries

Freedom in Christ Ministries
9051 Executive Park Drive
Suite 503
Knoxville, TN 37923 Phone: (865) 342-4000
Fax: (865) 342-4001
Order (Toll Free): (866) 462-4747
Freedom in Christ

Neil Anderson's books in Czech:

1. Victory Over the Darkness
2. The Bondage Breaker
3. Spiritual Protection for Your Children, projected due September 2000 from Jan Bica, Samuel Bible Work for Children.

Neil Anderson's books in Czech are available from

Navrat Domu
Mr. Pavel Raus
Davidkova 2102-93
Phone: 011-42-2-538186
18200 Prague 8
Czech Republic EUROPE

Eastern European Literature

Eastern European Literature
Gerry Davey
Advisory Committee
3 Florence Road
Bromley, Kent BR1 3NU

Fax: 011-4481-313-1373
Phone: 011-4481-464-0460

Gospel Literature International

Gospel Literature International
P.O. Box 4060 Ontario, California 91761-1003 USA
Telephone: (909) 481-5222
Fax: (909) 481-5216


P.O. Box. 488
1409 N. Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, California 91770 USA
contact: Georgalyn Wilkinson
Fax: 818-288-8803

Jan Novak and GLINT are involved in publishing Czech and Slovak books. What the Bible is All About-Quick Reference by Henrietta Mears with Frances Blankenbaker's revisions have been completed in Czech and Slovak. Books still in process are Measure of a Man and Measure of a Woman by Gene Getz and also What the Bible is All About (probably a more detailed book than the previously mentioned book) in Czech and Slovak. Preparing for Adolescence by James Dobson may or may not be undertaken by this ministry or it might have already been published in Czech. The name of their publishing ministry is called Pokoj Publishing.

Jan Novak, a young Slovak pastor, is living in Bratislava, Slovakia working with GLINT (Gospel Light International). His church is involved in helping him prepare and print his materials. GLINT is involved in supporting strategic publishing projects including Christian book publishing. The ministry sometimes provides "seed money" to help launch publishing programs. This money may be used to purchase equipment and supplies, to underwrite certain printing and publishing costs, or to set up distribution systems to ensure the widest possible use of the curriculum and books.

GLINT is also helping to train overseas personnel and Sunday school teachers. GLINT provides Bible teaching curriculum from Gospel Light Publications and copyrighted books form Regal Books and Vision House Books for translation and publication.

GLINT does not send out missionaries, but works through missionaries or with national Christians who are already there. This ministry allows translators to make their books culturally relevant and adapt the Bible-teaching and to develop their writing and artistic skills, and to create original, culturally-unique Christian literature. GLINT carefully screens the many requests for help, and works with reliable, dedicated mission agencies and national Christian organizations. For more information, please write GLINT. The books below are available from GLINT.

Foundations Of Christian Doctrine, The

By Mr. Kevin Conner

The Foundations of Christian Doctrine provides one of the most relevant and clear presentations of the great doctrines of faith. Without a clear foundation in theology, it is difficult to be a sound intepreter and exegete the Scriptures. This highly acclaimed textbook is fast becoming a standard work for many Bible colleges around the world.


Measure Of A Man, The

Obraz Musa
By Dr. Gene Getz

An in-depth study of 20 characteristics that mark a mature Christian man according to Titus and 1 and 2 Timothy.

$10.99 ISBN: 8085747030 Trade (OOP) W-00529

Peace Child

Dieta Pokoja
By Rev. Don Richardson

A gripping, unforgettable missionary adventure. Don Richardson shares first-hand his hair-raising experiences among cannibals in the primitive jungles of New Guinea.

$9.99 ISBN: 8088863015 Trade W-00628

What The Bible Is All About Quick Reference Edition

O Com Vsetkom Biblia Hovori
By Gospel Light

This easy-to-use Bible handbook provides a brief overview of the people, events and meaning of every book of the Bible. Includes more than 1,000 illustrations, charts and time lines.

$15.99 ISBN: 8085747006 Hard (OOP) W-00943

Here's Life Publishers

Here's Life Publishers
2700 Little Mountain Drive
San Bernardino, California 92402-1576
contact: John Crone

unsure what is available at this time

Josh McDowell Ministries

Josh McDowell Ministries

Josh McDowell's books are translated into Czech and Slovak and are mainly being used by Campus Crusade for Christ in Czechoslovakia. These two books are written by Josh:

1. More than a Carpenter has been printed in Czech and in Slovak.
2. Givers, Takers and Other Kinds of Lovers is available in Czech.

These books are reportedly being printed in Czechoslovakia in conjunction with Here's Life Publishers and Campus Crusade for Christ.

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Title: Tabernacle and God`s Book of seven seals
Description: What does the Menorah mean and history of our world according the Menorah
Top Category: Theology & Apologetics
Subcategory: Prophecy
City: Liptovsky Mikulas
State/Prov./Region: NOT in Australia, Canada, U.S.A, or U.K.
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Title: Biblical Way
Description: Seven parts of the Biblical way covered by:

  1. Creation
  2. feasts
  3. history of Israel
  4. tasks of God the Son
  5. human's developing
  6. Church's growth.
  7. Added rewards, testimony, traps
Top Category: Theology & Apologetics
Subcategory: Gospel Message
City: Svaty Kriz
State/Prov./Region: NOT in Australia, Canada, U.S.A, or U.K.
Country: Slovak Republic
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The books, videos and tracts below are available from

Christian Books in Slovak

Slovak Bibles, books and gospel tracts to help your ministry.
Titles in Slovak

our Spiritual Laws--Slovak

Price: $0.50

booklet--The most widely used Gospel presentation in the world. An extraordinarily effective tool for anyone who wants to share the message of Christ with others.

Jesus Our Destiny

Price: $4.95

Wilhelm Busch--The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most extraordinary message of all times. Wilhelm Busch proclaimed it to great crowds throughout Europe. His writings forcefully but simply present the Biblical answer to modern man's most important questions.

Peace Child-Slovak

Price: $9.99

By Don Richardson. A gripping, unforgettable missionary adventure. Don richardson shares firshand his hair-raising experiences among cannibals in the primitive jungles of New Guinea.

Ultimate Questions

Price: $1.95

John Blanchard--A well written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions about man's existence and his relationship to God. *32 pages & 28 attractive color photographs *powerful and complete Gospel message *attractive print & high quality paper *a Gospel book people will keep and read *used as a primary tool in evangelism. Questions answered: Is anyone there? Is God speaking? What is God like? Who am I? What went wrong? Is sin serious? Is there an answer? Why the cross? How can I be saved?

Winning the Prayer War

Price: $9.99

See victory through prayer.

Foundations of Christian Living, The

Price: $14.99

By David Fardouly & Bob Gordon. This book provides a systematic and practical study of the principles of discipleship.

Jesus Film in Slovak

Price: $19.95

Biblically and historically accurate, its script is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke. The video includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity to pray and receive Christ at the end of the video. (2 hrs) Please indicate if you would like the PAL or NTSC format.

Slovak Bible

Price: $13.25

Slovak Bible-Rohacek.

Buy a Book for first public Christian Library in Slovakia

Our small Bible school library is used more and more by our students. Our plan is to make it available to public - Slovak people. Martin is a cultural center of Slovakia, maintaining the biggest National library in the country. However, there is hardly any solid literature for Biblical studies and research available. In fact, if we succeed to build a Christian library open to public, it will be the first of its kind in our post-communist society. You can be a part of this if you donate:

  • $10 to purchase one solid Christian book in Slovak language
  • $ 50 to purchase one solid Christian reference book
  • $ 120 to purchase one solid Christian series

New Life Mission

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NLM is looking for translators capable of accurately translating our Christian books.

ZADARMO verzia elektronickej knihy Anglictina vydania

A Fail-safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit

elektronicky´ formát : MS Reader Súcasny´ch stiahnutí : 4007 Annotation

A Complete Handbook on the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

In Christianity today, the most frequently discussed issues are "salvation from sin" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit." However, few people have precise knowledge of these two ideas, despite the fact that they are the two most important concepts in Christianity. What is worse, we can't find any biblical writing that teaches us clearly about the issues above. There have been lots of Christian authors glorifying the gifts of the Holy Spirit or describing the Spirit-filled lives. But any of them doesn't dare to deal with the fundamental question, "How can a believer surely receive the Holy Spirit?" Why? Surprising truth is that they couldn't write about it in full-scale because they didn't have exact knowledge of it. As Prophet Hosea cried out, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," nowadays, not a few Christians are drawn into religious fanaticism, hoping to receive the Holy Spirit. They believe that they will receive the Holy Spirit by reaching a state of frenzy and hysteria. But it is no exaggeration to say that their so-called faith reduces Christianity to mere shallow Shamanism, and that such fanaticism derives from Satan.

The author Rev. Paul C. Jong dares to proclaim the truth. He deals the essential subjects in full-scale, which most spiritual writers have evaded for a long time. He first defines the meaning of "being born again" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit," and explains the inevitable relationship between the two pivotal concepts. Then he runs the whole gamut of description concerning the Holy Spirit, from "how to discern the spirits" to "the way to Spirit-filled lives." For more information, the author advises you to examine the contents of this book posted on this web page.

From The Publisher

If you decide to read only one book, except Bible, in a year as a Christian, I strongly recommend this one book for you. I am sure this book must be second to none to any Christian readers. Its cool and clear description of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is absolutely biblical. Having published Rev. Jong's writings for years by the name of "Paul C. Jong's Christian Book Series," I might have been more blessed than anyone else because I have been the first reader of his books. His sermons of this title are vivid, accurate, soul-wining, and faith-filled. He is a servant of God who dares to proclaim the truth against prevailing false prophets of today's Christianity. We are very proud of his all titles, and are prepared to publish his succeeding writings Hladaj


What Was Told By the Evangelists (Co Rozpravali Evangelisti) is a lengthy hardbound book published in Czech by a company called Obzor in Bratislava in 1988. The translation is by Jozef Marusiak.

Multi-Language Media

Multi-Language Media
P.O. Box 301
Ephrata, PA 17522

SLO-L02 Jesus Our Destiny - Wilhelm Busch 255pp ... $4.95

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most extraordinary message of all times. Wilhelm Busch proclaimed it to great crowds throughout Europe. His writings forcefully but simply present the Biblical answer to modern man's most important questions.

Available in English..ENG-L846....$8.50

No Frontiers

No Frontiers
PO Box 38
East Sussex
TN34 1GN
Tel: +44 (0)1424 426768
Fax: +44 (0)1424 202529

The books, Bibles, etc.. Are availabe from No Frontiers

Revival - might be Out of Stock A novel based on an actual revival in various villages in Slovakia between 1910-1930.
By Kristina Roy
Russian "Books"
£ 5.75

Bible - might be Out of Stock SL001
Slovak "Scriptures"
£ 9.95

New Testament Hardback.
Slovak "Scriptures"
£ 6.25

Gospel of Mark "A beautifully illustrated ( many colour photographs) A5 booklet, ideal for evangelistic use - over 100 copies 0.45 each"
£ 1.00

My First Bible in Pictures "125 stories from the Bible, simply presented by Kenneth Taylor for younger children. Hard cover; colour illustrations throughout."
By Kenneth Taylor
"Books for Children"
£ 5.50

The Most Important Story Ever Told "The story of Jesus for children - in full colour, with a clear evangelistic challenge"
"Books for Children"
£ 1.00

A Letter For You - Temporarily Out of Stock "64 pages of varied information about the Bible, including testimonies, history, background and many challenges. Although written for the non-Christian, Christians will also be informed and encouraged by the contents."
"Books & Tracts"
£ 0.75

The Illustrated New Testament "With over 240 full colour pages, this book presents the stories of the New Testament in modern 'comic strip' form; suitable for children, young people, and adults."
"Books & Tracts"
£ 4.25

Ultimate Questions "An excellent 32 page evangelistic booklet in full colour by John Blanchard, giving the biblical answers to questions about man's existence and his relationship to God."
By John Blanchard
"Books & Tracts"
£ 0.90

Operation Mobilizion

The David C. Cook Foundation has finished working on a children's book about creation called Six Busy Days. It was published in both Czech and Slovak. This project is a sales project, as the David C. Cook Foundation is working with Operation Mobilization in finding distributors within the country, whether it being book shops, book tables or any other idea. Presently, there are few distributors, and Operation Mobilization is looking for more distributors. If you are interested, please write Dave Babcock at Operation Mobilization.

Audio Bible On the Internet

Bible Gateway Audio Bibles. Many Scriptures are available in audio form, allowing you to hear the richness and power of the texts.

Many Scriptures are available in audio form, allowing you to hear the richness and power of the texts. If you would like more information on listening to the Bibles below, please see our advice on getting started. Common audio questions are also answered in our frequently asked questions. Slovak Christian Music on Cassette and CD
Czech and Slovak Christian Videos

L'ubomir Vyhnánek
Krestanské Hudobné Vydavatel'stvo
P.O. Box 49
820 02 Brastislava 22
Slovak Republic
ph: (421) 4341 1911

Audiokazety Audio cassette
Marta Ouzká: Hledáni Marta Ouzka: Seeking
Trio Nardus: Postoj na cestách Trio Nardus: Stop on your ways
Shalom: Nechcem stát' bokom Shalom: I don't want to stand on the side
Nardus: Milosti cas Nardus: Time of grace
LTD: Vyber LTD: Choice
Koráb Ark
Jozef Gabovic: Golgota Jozef Gabovic: Golgotha
Zrcadla: Alef Mirrors: Aleph
Nardus: Pohl'ady Nardus: Lookings
Melódie Radost A Vdaky Melodies of Thanksgiving and Joy
Príbehy Z Evanjelií I. Stories from the Gospels
Bratsky Spevokol: Hymna chvály 1 Men's Worship Singers: Hyms of worship
Jozef Gabovic: Novy Jeruzalem Jozef Gabovic: New Jerusalem
Nová Zmluva: Evanjelium podl'a Marka New Testament: Gospel of Mark
Kompromis: Tisíce prianí Kompromis: 1000 wishes
Artos: Pocúvaj piesen Artos: Listen to a song
Zrcadla: El Adonai (hebrejské pies) Zrcadla: The Lord (Hebrew songs)
Manhu: Blizko Je Rano Manna: Morning is near
Vyskocilová: Nic nie je náhoda Vyskocilová: Nothing is by chance
Kompromis: Cisty dotyk Kompromis: Pure Touch
Vianoce s Jozefom Gabovicom Christmas with Jozef Gabovic
Narodil Sa Kristus Pán Jesus Christ is born
Mládezincky spevokol BJB: Young Singers BJB
Ei, taky stastny den Oh, Such a Happy Day
Artos: Biely kamienok Artos: White Stone/Rock
Slovak Christian Music
Videokazety Video cassettes
all videos are in the PAL format
Genesis (1): Povod vesmíru. a Zem mladá planeta Genesis (1): Origin of the Universe and Earth - A Young Planet
Genesis (2): Povod zivota. Genesis (2): Origin of Life, Origin of Species
Povod druhov Genesis (3): Povod l'udstva. Povod skamelín Genesis (3): Origin of the Humans
Svet, Ktory Zahynul a Tajomstvo Dinosaurov The Great Dinosaur Mystery and The World That Perished
Svedkovia Jehovovi Jehovah's Witnesses
Jezis Nazaretsky 1 (hrany film) Jesus of Nazareth Part 1
Jezis Nazaretsky11 (hrany film) Jesus of Nazareth Part 2
Jozef a Bratia a Milosrd. Samaritán (kresl.) Joseph and His Brothers and The Good Samaritan (cartoon)
Stvorenie / David a Goliás (kresl. bibl. Príbeh) Creation, David And Goliath
Príbeh z Vychodu / Královna Ester (kresl.) Story from the East, The Story Of Queen Esther
Narodenie Pána/ Jezisove Zázraky (kresl.) The Birth Of The Lord, Jesus' Miracles
Vykrik z Hor (hrany film) Cry From the Mountain
Biblia: Mojzis (hrany film-USA) Bible: Moses
Joni (hrany film) Joni
Kruta Pravda ("Pro life" dokument. Film) Hard Truth (pro-life documentary)
Daniel (kresleny film-HCE) Daniel (cartoon)
Biblia: Genesis (Od stvorenia po potopu-hr) Bible: Genesis (creation to Genesis flood)
Biblia: Abrahám (hrany film-USA) Bible : Abraham
Biblia: Jakob (hrany film) Bible: Jacob
Katolicizmus: Kríza Viery Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
Czech and Slovak Christian Music
Dyka a kriz The Cross and the Switchblade

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact